Wireless Grids Testbed

WeJay – Social Radio

GridStream – Enterprise Social Networking

Product Gridlets:

Edgeware: Industry standard/open specifications  software that resides beyond the cloud, across edge network devices, wired and wireless.

Allows all facets of a user’s environment to be interoperated and shared easily.

Coordinates with Cloud services.

Wiglets & Gridlets:

Wiglet = open edgeware

Gridlet =  proprietary edgeware

Wiglets and Gridlets can be provided as software  (edgeware) applications or as software as a service

BETA APPlication

Open Specifications for Wireless Grids Technical Requirements


Open Specifications for Wireless Grids Workplace as a Service


Workplace as a Service (WPaaS) use case addresses the challenge of the Enterprise BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Challenge. The ECLC Catalyst Project is delivering end-user computing, communications, and collaboration capabilities through a set of world-class services that we call Workplace as a Service (WPaaS), in a context of everything as a service across an internet of things within the enterprise. This use case proposed a flexible secure cloud service delivery framework for edge applications based on Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) for financial services and other firms which operate in a 20 trillion software and IT services market.

The Wireless Grid Innovation Testbed (WiGiT) and its Wireless Grid architecture and edgeware have been developed under the auspices of the National Science Foundation Partnerships for Innovation (PFI) grant #0227879. Syracuse University (SU) and Virginia Tech (VT) created the first national WiGiT distributed experimental testbed in 2009. Working software prototypes were first demonstrated at Syracuse University in 2003, and field tested since 2005. Hardware implementations have been lab tested iteratively over the years, with initial field testing in 2008/9 and a new series of field trials begun again in 2011/2012.  In August 2012 an enhanced iDAWG (intelligent deployable augmented wireless gateway) was demonstrated, with additional evaluations scheduled for 2013. Field tests of WiGiT specifications, applications, services, and devices are ongoing in cooperation with WiGiT partner firms, schools, public agencies, healthcare institutions, universities, and emergency managers.  All are welcome to join WiGiT, at no cost, and no obligation.